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We are selling NBA Live Mobile accounts with pre-loaded NBA Live Mobile coins. An account with 100Mil coins can be used to make a 83-87 OVR team. After completing your purchase of a NBA Live Mobile account, we will email you the account details within 30 minutes.

We are highly reputable and have been in the Madden Mobile/NBA Live Mobile industry for over 4 years. Our accounts have been aged and the coins have been loaded very gradually. We always login to the account from within the USA. With us, your account has zero chance of being flagged by EA. We do not recommend buying accounts from any foreign sites as these sites farm coins using extralegal methods and they do not login to their accounts from within the USA. Consequently, buying from foreign sites will greatly increase your chance of being flagged by EA. Buy from us, and have the peace of mind knowing that your account is safe.

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